Yearly Archives: 2008

The Milwaukee Riverkeeper is getting creative in their marketing campaigns. The above picture was created by Stir Marketing, an advertising and marketing firm in Milwaukee. The firm created the ad pro-bono as a way to promote Milwaukee Riverkeeper’s work towards clean and swimmable rivers.

According to an article published today in The Huffington Post, President-elect Obama is giving serious consideration to appointing Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as head of the Environmental Protection Agency, a Cabinet position. Democrat officials recently shared this news with The Politico. This consideration comes at an important time in our nation’s development. As our population grows and urban sprawl increases, our demand for water (clean water) will rise exponentially and thus our need to protect and preserve our waterways will become even more essential.

“The EPA enforces clean air and clear water laws. Kennedy, an environmental lawyer and son of the late senator and attorney general Robert F. Kennedy, has long championed a cleaner water supply for New York City… As an officer and attorney for the environmental watch group Riverkeeper, Kennedy has taken on governments and companies for polluting the Hudson River and Long Island Sound.” Not only has Kennedy played an integral part in establishing the Waterkeeper movement, but he currently serves as the Chairman of the Board for the Waterkeeper Alliance.

The day is finally upon us, November 4, 2008. Take pride in being an American, a South Carolinian, a Charlestonian, or a(n) [insert city/state here]ian, and exercise your right to VOTE! Not knowing where to VOTE is no excuse… find your voting location here.

Remember, legislation drafted by public officials can make up one part of an equation which could inevitably influence the fate of our waterways. If you haven’t already done so, educate yourself on where each candidate stands with respect to water issues (quality, efficiency, usage, etc.). Waterkeeper Alliance has just published its Blueprint for Clean Water, a series of recommendations offering remedies to past policy decisions and proposing a new way for the federal government to strengthen environmental protection in all areas relating to water.

Send us a pictures of you and your voting experience and we will make sure to put you on the website. Take pride in your right to VOTE and remember, your voice does matter.

Charleston WATERKEEPER depends on citizen involvement to combat the pollution and contamination of our waterways. We want you to feel comfortable and secure in coming to us whenever you see something that’s just not right. Soon enough, we will have a dedicated phone number that will serve as a hotline, giving you the ability to call and report pollution, suspicious activity, or any potential issues that might be harming our waterways. In the meantime, we’ve created an email address for you to use as a way to report any suspicious activities. Your information will be kept completely anonymous unless you indicate otherwise. So go ahead, start flooding with reports of anything you see (or have seen) that might be affecting our water quality, our health, and our future. Remember, take PRIDE, take RESPONSIBILITY, take ACTION!