Location of abandoned boats throughout Charleston's waterways

Location of abandoned boats throughout Charleston's waterways

Charleston Waterkeeper, in collaboration with Olive Productions, is preparing to launch a campaign targeting the abandoned and derelict boats disbursed throughout Charleston’s waterways.

The State of South Carolina has recently passed legislation banning the abandonment of watercrafts.  These vessels not only pose a threat to the safety of recreational boaters, but they are also environmental hazards, eyesores and economic burdens.  The recent statute, enforced by the Department of Natural Resources, delegates the responsibility of removing these vessels to local municipalities.  As a result, an “every man for himself” environment has been created.

We wholeheartedly believe that two heads are better than one. We also believe that hundreds of heads are better than two.  For this reason, we have created a Google Map that will display the location of every abandoned boat throughout Charleston’s waterways. But we need your help!

What’s the best thing about this map? It is made up of information extracted not by a team of paid staffers devoted to this project, but instead by the passionate public…the hundreds of individuals who know these waterways like the back of their hand.

Every local fisherman knows the location of an abandoned boat or two (after all, that’s where the trout hang out in the summer!), every sailor knows which side of the channel to hug to avoid running into a submerged object, and just about every person driving over the Ashley River bridge has seen the cluster of abandoned boats left dying along the marsh. We are tapping into this knowledge and compiling an inventory of information that will truly identify the severity of this issue.

This map is based on an open source format, thus allowing anyone with valid information to contribute. Since the map was first introduced on two days ago, nearly 30 abandoned boats have been identified.

To view the map, click here.

To add an abandoned boat that has not yet been included in the map, click here. Hit the “edit” button on the left of the page, zoom in to the location of the vessel, drag and drop a pin onto the location of the boat, and then click “save” when you’re done!

This is the first step in a large campaign designed to address the abandoned boats as a “big picture.” We are firm believers that “mass collaboration changes everything.” We hope to prove this theory right.  Contribute to this cause…BECOME A MEMBER OF CHARLESTON WATERKEEPER TODAY!

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  1. One mans junk…why doesn’t someone put a descrition of the boat, and how to get a title for it or where to get a title for it. I’ve got people up here that will walk to Charleston for a free boat!
    Tom in Cleveland Ohio

  2. I’d be interested in adopting one of these for personal use. I am not shy about putting in some work to get it back to being something to take pride in.

  3. Will gladly adopt one of these vessels. Is it possible to take over ownership? Hard work never killed any one.

  4. Hopefully this will get out to the right people, though I am not too optimistic!

    Right now, being in the Boat Business, I see everyday just how bad all of us in it are hurting from being “Bushed” all of these years. So….

    Why don’t those of us whom are starving for work right now get together and make some realistic bids on doing the removal of these Boats? This is NOT the only area where it is going on. If we got together and actually DID IT, we might be able to keep OUR heads above water if we do it for a fair price!

    This is only going to get worse! Do any of you remember how many 7 digit Boats “Disappeared” between South Florida and the Bahamas in the late 70″s and what it did to Insurance? I do!

    The “Rich” got “Richer” off of their “Precious Yachts” mysteriously sinking in the Gulf Stream, now the little guy has to just abandon theirs, plus the “Rich” of course, but I’m sure they get the insurance!

    There are in reality many uses for most of these boats, and if it is done in the right way, many people could benefit from this! For one, look at the people that are homeless due to foreclosure, I don’t mean the ones on the roads with the signs making 5, or 6 hundred a day “Begging”, but the legitimate families. With some work, most of these derelicts could be brought back to shape.

    If the “Powers That Be” would open their eyes and maybe invest a little money in supplies for restoring these Craft for people that would, and could really use them, the “Problem” would go away in a manner that would benefit all involved!!!

    If anyone is “For Real” interested in this, you can contact me at this address I set up just for this, so let us see if anyone is really serious about this, it is “Doable”!!!

    E-mail me at this goes for all of the Towns, Cities, States, etc.. If you truly want to address this issue please contact me as well as my fellow Marine Service people who have kept you floating all these years, as well as all the “Little Guys” who are getting “Hammered” by all of this!

    I hope to hear from you!!! “Captain Michael”

  5. Captain Michael,

    Thanks so much for your comment. It is incredibly encouraging to hear your enthusiasm and passion for our waterways. You are absolutely right in saying that it is time that we, the public, stand up and take action against the issues degrading our natural resources. No longer should we, or can we afford to, wait around to let the others take action for us. Keep it up… we are excited to have your support and commitment!

  6. I am very interested in adopting a sailboat. If anyone can give me some information on the legal process, I would be extremely grateful.

  7. i will walk down and sail back lol
    i really want a sailboat so i can go to the
    islands or canada. might buy an i550 kit
    and build it. small world

  8. I would love to be able to adopt a sailboat also. If there’s one that anyone knows of that is available, please post back. I am not afraid of hard work and love a good challenge. I have obtained titles for abandoned sailboats in ohio before. Thanks for any help you can give.

  9. Have you determined whether or not these abandoned boats are up for adoption? Is there a legal way to obtain clear title for them? Would love to hear back one way or other! :) Thanks…

  10. Hi!
    There has been an abandoned boat in Porcher’s Creek, Mt. Pleasant, SC for years now. I have contacte the DNR to no avail. I’m really interested in getting involved with an organization to remove these boats. I can submit a picture of it if you like. It must be polluting the marsh not to mention it’s an eye sore. Can y’all help? I’ll be in Charleston next week and I went to school down there. I’m looking to get involved in a good local charity there. Will be moving back there from KC within then next couple of years but I want to get involved cleaning up Charleston’s waterways now. What can I do to help?

    Most sincerely,

    Melanie Coley