This weekend we all suffered a terrible loss with the passing of Franklin Barker West, a dear friend of Charleston Waterkeeper.

Barker, 18, was a sophomore at the College of Charleston and was an incredible supporter of Charleston Waterkeeper’s mission. He was an active volunteer, assisting most recently with last year’s Great Oyster Point Runoff and this year’s Water Ball. With a permanent smile on his face, Barker was always first to offer his time to help others.

We are all saddened by the news of Barker’s death and are reminded of how delicate life can be. Helping Charleston Waterkeeper was always a highlight for Barker; his positive energy and optimistic outlook serve as an inspiration for us all. We are so grateful that Barker came into our lives, and we will do what we can to honor his life and great spirit through our continued work.

We’ll miss you, Barker. Thanks for leaving such an indelible mark on this place and in all of our hearts.

– The Waterkeeper Team