Truth, Chickens, and Sporobolus

Welcome to your March 2019 Keeper’s Report from Charleston Waterkeeper! This past month we learned the chickens really are in charge, Spartina is Sporobolus, and, unlike Mark Twain, plastic lobbyists always have to remember what they said. Jump in and find out why . . .

Truth be told!

The ban on bans was up for an important subcommittee hearing in the SC Senate last week. The room was so packed the subcommittee didn’t get through all the testimony. Your Waterkeeper didn’t get to testify, but don’t worry he’ll be back in Columbia on March 20 to tell the truth about what’s in, what’s out, and why. Be sure to send a thank you to Mayor Haynie and Mayor Carroll for making the trip and standing up for your waterways!

Make your voice heard: Ask the Regulatory & Local Government to oppose the ban on bans

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Free pollution

Plastic pollution is everywhere from the drinking water at the Statehouse in Columbia to the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean. Yet the lobbyists claim local plastic bans are “out of control” and create a confusing patchwork for consumers and businesses. Don’t be distracted. They just want to pollute for free. What’s really at stake is who should bear the cost of plastic pollution. Should it be the manufacturers that profit from it or the communities left to deal with the consequences?

Take action: Ask your SC Senator to oppose the ban on bans

Stono River Blues

If you leave the chickens in charge things get done! A couple of James Island chickens supervised the Number 2’s haul out, fuel pump repair, and bottom scrape. She’s safely back at City Marina and ready to resume providing marine pumpouts to keep your waterways poop free. We’re glad the Number 2 is running again. Thank you for bearing with us as we got her fuel issues sorted out!

Bottom line: Chicken’s are helpful, but boats are expensive. Help keep your waterways poop free by making a donation today.

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Sporobolus Street?

Apparently, our beloved Spartina salt marsh grass isn’t really Spartina at all. It’s actually a different species all together called Sporobolus. Sporobolus!?!? We’ll need to rename a lot of neighborhoods, dental offices, and lifestyle brands now. Let’s just hope they don’t come for our palmetto trees next. Then we’re in real trouble.

Simply put: Spartina Forever!

DNR record

A few weeks ago 87 Charleston Waterkeeper volunteers bagged 1,730 bags of oyster shell and planted 2,030 Spartina (not Sporobolus) seedlings in 2 hours. Those 1,730 bags set a DNR SCORE program record! Thanks to Dylan Schmitz (@dylanschmitz) for documenting!

Check it: Saturday, Feb 23 Shell Bagging

Join us and help put ‘em back:

No excuses!

We hustle hard for your rivers and creeks, in, on, and out of the water, so it can be tough to nail us down. If you’re gonna try here’s where to find us in March:

3/9 Ashley River Cleanup

Don’t miss this epic cleanup on your Waterkeeper’s favorite stretch of the Ashley River. We’ve partnered up with a great group including Summerville Saltwater Anglers, Dorchester County, Lowcountry Land Trust, American Rivers, and Keep Dorchester County Beautiful. The Ashley will be in a lot better shape when we’re done!

3/9 McKevlin’s Spring Surf Social

Get stoked! Our friends and McKevlin’s are hosting the Spring Surf Social with a Bing surfboard raffle to help support clean water! Grab some gumbo, meet local shapers from Grasshopper, Hoke Surfboards, and Paul Martin Surfboards, drink a Revelry beer, and swap some surf gear. Your Waterkeeper will also be on hand to talk story. Guaranteed good time!


3/13 Shell Sorting with DNR

That hole in the oyster roast table isn’t for trash. It’s for recycling oyster shells. Tell your friends! Until we all get the hang of it we’re helping DNR remove trash and debris from recycled shell so it doesn’t end up in your rivers and creeks.

3/14 Protect your Wetlands at Drink for the CAWS

Like wetlands? Hate seeing them destroyed and lost forever? Come out to Holy City Brewing for a chance to tell the EPA and the Trump Administration what you think of their effort to strip longstanding protections from Carolina Bays and Cypress Ponds. Your Waterkeeper and our friends at Southern Environmental Law Center will be on hand to help you speak up for clean water! #standup #showup #notonourwatch

3/16 Oyster Reef Construction with DNR SCORE

We’ve produced more than 3,500 bags of shell so far this year! Now it’s time to start putting it to work by getting it all into the water to start growing new oysters. Many hands make light work when building oyster reefs. You’ll like this one, we promise!

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 4.22.24 PM

3/20 Rheos presents: 2019 Kickoff Spring Clean

Join Rheos gear and Charleston Waterkeeper for a cleanup at Hendrick’s Park in North Charleston. Never heard of Hendrick’s Park? Come on out and help us clean it up. You’ll be glad you did. Afterwards, join us for a beer with our friends at Revelry Brewing!

3/30 Wando River Marsh Cleanup with Keep Charleston Beautiful

We’ve been after this spot for a while now. We’re glad the stars have aligned with our friends at Keep Charleston Beautiful. Now if the weather just holds out this time . . . .

Until next time . . .

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