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We caught up with longtime friend of Andrew’s and the Vice Chair of Charleston Waterkeeper’s Board and here is what she has to say:

Andrew embodies the attributes of a Waterkeeper and we are very lucky to have him as OUR waterway watchdog.

  • He has passion – his love for surfing, swimming, paddling, and celebrating the beauty and vibrance of our waterways fuels his dedication and drive to protect them.
  • He is thorough – over our six years of working together I have admired Andrew’s ability to lean on his lawyerly attention to detail while not losing the agility and spontaneity needed to be an effective advocate.
  • He connects – while Andrew stands firm when he stands up for clean water protection, he is also an astute observer and listener, able to navigate solutions by fostering trust and a true spirit of collaboration.
  • And he’s fun – Andrew knows that these are tough, long-term fights: whether working to curb stormwater runoff, adapt to a warming climate, identify and eliminate sources of nurdles and emerging pollutants, or press DHEC to enforce public health protections, it takes endurance and persistence to prevail. Andrew’s sense of humor and joy sustains us and attracts others to join the cause.


10 years in and he’s only just begun. Thank you, Andrew, for being our Charleston Waterkeeper!

– Alys Campaigne, CWK Board Vice Chair.