Download the Swim Guide for your phone: [Download].  Or check out the Swim Guide website: [Website].

Here at Charleston Waterkeeper we love the beach.  We know you do to.  That’s why we wanted to know whether the water at our local beaches was safe for our two favorite activities: swimming and surfing.  Unfortunately, the water quality data was not readily available or easy to understand.  What’s more it wasn’t accessible on a smart phone.

Water quality at our local beaches is important business.  We swim, surf, and standup paddleboard daily (sometimes twice-a-day or even all day!) and we want to know we’re not going to get [sick] from poor water quality.  That’s why mined the available data from DHEC and built it into our Swim Guide.  Check the Swim Guide [online] before heading to the beach.  Or download the [mobile app].  Now find a clean beach and go surf.

Get Involved

We’re proud of how the Swim Guide looks, but we think it could use some pizazz.  Send us a few pics from your adventures at the beach.  We’ll pick our favorites and post them in Swim Guide.  Submit your pics [here], please put the beach name in the subject line.  Like this work?  We’d appreciate your [support].

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