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After waaay too many months without stickers, we’ve finally replenished our source! With the help from our friends at Limelight Custom Sign Company, there won’t be a shortage of these puppies any time soon.

As a heads up, we’ll be sending all existing members a sticker in the mail shortly (sorry for the delay!!). For those of you who aren’t members, stay tuned as we’ll be announcing via Twitter, Facebook, etc. ways you can get your hands on the hottest product around!

It’s not uncommon, when preparing to go on patrol, for me to reach for some waterproof bibs and my faithful rubber waders.  However, a skirt?!  A big thanks to our friends at Skirt Charleston for getting me in touch with my sensitive side!  Click the image below to read the article featured in this month’s Skirt


After a year of indecisive deliberation, Charleston Waterkeeper finally has a logo (we’re serious this time, we promise!).  A huge thanks to Justin Harris (follow him on twitter: @JHarrisSC) for making it all happen! 

We’re revving up to plaster the new logo just about everywhere, so get ready to help spread the word: stickers, shirts, who knows… maybe even a tattoo here and there.

Email us your thoughts about the meaning behind the different components of the logo.  If we think you’re on the right track then we’ll send you a free sticker (once we get them printed up, of course).

HOTLINEWe’ve done it; we’ve finally established an “official” Charleston Waterkeeper hotline.  Apparently, there are a few lucky individuals out there in the 843 area code who have already (knowingly or unknowingly) established phone numbers with the word WATER located somewhere in their 10 digits.  So, you ask…what have we done?  Well, we’ve settled for the next best thing: WATR!  After 2 days of polling you, the public, we’ve decided on WATR.  However, the number (843) URY-UCKY was a close second (kidding…).

Write down this number, program it in your phone, or take  a picture with your photographic memory!  Next time you need to get in touch with Charleston Waterkeeper, make sure you dial (843) 608-WATR or (843) 608-9287 (this number will also accept text messages).

So when you’re out on the water and you see something suspicious, don’t forget to call it in.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Remember, 608-WATR.