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To celebrate World Water Day Waterkeeper Alliance is organizing a simple, creative photo project to commemorate and observe this special day.  The theme for this year’s WWD is Water & Urbanization.  Waterkeeper has decided to launch a special photo sharing group on Flickr where individuals are invited to submit photos and videos that relate to water and the city.  If you have a Flickr account, and have some cool shots of Charleston’s waterways as it relates to this theme, help us build the group by submitting your photos here >

Here are the shots that have been uploaded so far…

A friend of ours recently sent this video our way. Considering the parallels between New York Harbor and Charleston Harbor, we find the presenter’s proposed solutions to be especially fascinating (and feasible!). Enjoy!

Our colleagues at Riverkeeper were featured in this video last year for their Take Back the Tap campaign. The campaign encourages New Yorkers to drink tap water – a movement that would put needed pressure on regulatory agencies to assure that water resources are adequately protected.

We’re excited to share with you news about local Charleston native, J. Henry Fair.  Over the past few years, Fair has been documenting man’s impact on the environment through the eyes of his camera lens.  An acclaimed photographer who now lives and works in New York City, Fair is coming back home to Charleston to exhibit his most recent project, Industrial Scars, at the Gibbes Museum of Art.  The exhibit will show from December 16, 2010 until March 27, 2011.

Fair has worked extensively with Waterkeeper Alliance, NRDC, and other environmental organizations to shed light on the serious impacts of issues such as oil drilling, coal ash waste, and the recent BP oil disaster.

Follow J. Henry Fair on Twitter here.