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A few months back, the folks from the Advertising Federation of Charleston (AdFed) reached out to us with an idea they had to help our fellow Waterkeepers impacted by the BP oil disaster.  Here’s what they had up their sleeves…

A collaboration of artists and designers from around the Charleston, SC area, benefiting the Gulf Waterkeepers research efforts on the oil spill in the Gulf.

Charleston AdFed has worked hard and is pleased to introduce THE GULF POSTER PROJECT inspired by THE HAITI POSTER PROJECT.

The GULF POSTER PROJECT seeks limited edition sets of posters from artists, designers and design firms from CHARLESTON, SC and beyond. The donated posters will be sold online to raise money for the Gulf Waterkeepers’ Save Our Gulf Fund.

The deadline for the first round of poster submissions is today.  Visit their site for more information.

The story of the Waterkeeper movement has served as motivational inspiration for many individuals and communities around the world, including myself.  I wanted to share with everyone the journey of Murray Fisher, a Waterkeeper alumni.  Murray co-founded the New York Harbor School, a “small public high school located on Governors Island. [Its] rigorous, college preparatory curriculum instills stewardship skills by utilizing New York City’s waterways.”

Murray initially had the idea to create the Harbor School after working with the Hudson Riverkeeper.  During his time at Riverkeeper, he found himself working with politicians, educating students, investigating sources of pollution, and using science and the law to protect the Hudson River.  He soon realized that there should be a school that teaches kids all of the skills necessary to be a true Waterkeeper!  The product of this idea: the New York Harbor School.

I invite you all to watch this inspirational story…

Waterkeepers from around the world surround the Waterkeeper "Sturgeon" logo in La Paz, Mexico at the annual Waterkeeper conference.

Last month nearly 200 Waterkeeper programs from 17 different countries convened in La Paz, Mexico for the annual Waterkeeper conference.  Our annual conference provides an opportunity for Waterkeepers from around the world to network with one another and to learn from the many successes and challenges each of us faces worldwide.

The format of the conference is very impressive – guest speakers present the entire week on topics from fund-raising to water quality litigation.  As a result, the conference is a wonderful opportunity to learn from the best of the best.  I made great use of my time by attending a number of presentations on pertinent issues impacting Charleston’s own waterways (i.e. cruise ships, boatyard pollution, stormwater runoff, and industrial polluters).  I even took the initiative to give my own presentation, Create. Distribute. Engage. – a panel about creating captivating content (i.e. educational, entertaining, engaging, inspiring, etc.), distributing it to your community, and engaging with supporters to further your mission and cause.

Being amongst some of the most passionate, dedicated, and creative advocates in the world is a powerful thing.  I am constantly reminded how lucky we are to be a part of the Waterkeeper Alliance!  My time with other Waterkeepers is incredibly valuable and is something that will aid Charleston greatly in our dedicated fight to protect our own waterways.

Charleston Waterkeeper, Cyrus Buffum, with Former President of Mexico, Vincente Fox, at the annual Waterkeeper conference.

As you all well know, many of our Waterkeepers throughout the world are impacted by a variety of issues every single day. It is not as common, however, for a half-dozen of them to be impacted by the same issue all at once.

The recent BP oil disaster has caused all of our Gulf Waterkeepers to ban together in a way that makes me so incredibly proud to be a part of this movement.

John Wathen, Hurricane Creekkeeper, is one of the great Waterkeepers impacted by this catastrophe; he has been gathering video and photographs since day one as a way to document the event’s enormity and severity. John has flown over ground zero a number of times with SouthWings and recently edited a video with footage from one of his flights.

Multiple television outlets around the world have picked up on his footage, and we wanted to share one such feature with all of you…

His video in its entirety is seen below…