Our Ambassadors provide leadership and volunteer service to strengthen Charleston Waterkeeper’s capacity to achieve its mission

The Ambassadors are a dynamic group of young professionals that support Charleston Waterkeeper by increasing public awareness of our work, helping to grow our membership base, and volunteering to increase our program and advocacy capacity. Individual Ambassadors act as leaders, representatives, and volunteers for Charleston Waterkeeper and participate in a variety of program work, advocacy campaigns, and events that strengthen our capacity to protect the public right to clean, healthy waterways. Ambassadors gather monthly to plan and carry out the groups work.

2017 – 2018 Ambassadors:

  • Jared Bramblett
  • Bea Girndt
  • Caroline Smith Irwin
  • Chad McPeters
  • Natalie Olson
  • Joshua Robinson
  • Garrison Rudisill
  • Shannyn Smith
  • Natalie Taylor
  • Dan Yost
  • Will Grossenbacher