We fight for clean water

Christian Simmons

College of Charleston
Marine Biology
Sumter, South Carolina

Ever since a 7th grade field trip to the South Carolina Aquarium, where I helped release a sea turtle, I have been passionate about the ocean and marine life. From that point on, I have always done what I can to help protect, maintain, and conserve our marine environments. As a Bonner Leader at the College, seeking out social justice issues and making an effort to see change is at the core of what we, as Leaders, strive for. Now as an intern for Charleston Waterkeeper, I am excited to address the task of clean water and see to it that every resident of Charleston’s watershed has access to clean public bodies of water. I am honored to be a part of the Charleston Waterkeeper team!

Temre - waterkeeper

Temre Campbell

College of Charleston
Public Health and Environmental and Sustainable Studies
Bluffton, SC

Growing up in the Lowcountry has given me an immense appreciation for the ocean, rivers, and marshlands in our ecosystem. Spending countless hours on the water swimming, boating, and paddleboarding has only increased my passion for wanting to protect our waterways. Throughout my studies, I have been intrigued by how anthropogenic activities negatively impact our waterways and how they will ultimately affect human health. I am so excited for the opportunity to work with Charleston Waterkeeper and to advocate for clean water for all.


Gabrielle Kuba
Graduate Intern

College of Charleston
Masters of Science candidate in Marine Biology
West Haven, CT

I have been fortunate enough to live on the coast my entire life and to understand the life that it brings to us all. My experience with different environmental non-profits in Rhode Island has both encouraged and inspired me to stay curious about our impacts on our planet and in our communities. Being conscious of our actions and educating others about our impacts on the environment are important steps in the process of becoming contributors, not just consumers. I am grateful to have this experience with Charleston Water Keeper and to support their mission in preserving our natural resources that will further benefit future generations!


Carly Hill
Summer Intern

Haverford College
Geology and Environmental Studies
Charleston, SC

The Charleston waterways and beaches have been a huge part of my life ever since I moved to Charleston when I was three. Spending hours at the beach, kayaking in the marshes, and swimming in the ocean has made me develop a great appreciation and love for the complex marine and coastal ecosystems that we often take advantage of. Through my research in geology and environmental studies, I understand just how much these environments do for me and my community, and I believe it is my responsibility to give back to them. As an intern for Charleston Waterkeeper, I have the amazing opportunity to not only learn more about the impacts we’re having on our waterways and beaches, but also how to protect them. I look forward to working with Charleston Waterkeeper in advocating for clean water and educating the public on this crucial issue.